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Efficient. Scalable. Retail.

Creating tech driven retail infrastructure for the fruits and vegetables supply chain in India.

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Mission - what we do

We are creating retail infrastructure for fruits and vegetables. Our tech and processes have given us a disruptive amount of predictability, wastage minimisation and quality control - at scale.

The goal is to be India’s largest organised demand aggregator for fruits and vegetables - a retail channel that is honest to its customers and fair to its producers.


The Problem - why we do it

India is the second largest producer of fruits and vegetables in the world and THE LARGEST producer of fresh produce wastage. We waste tonnes annually. The entire supply chain is ridden with risk and unpredictability - which causes unstable prices, unnecessary middlemen and a complete inability to be able to set up a scalable business model.

There is an urgent need for tech-enabled demand aggregation which will lead to systemisation of the entire supply chain.

The solution - how we do it

We are constantly creating tech-enabled processes that are inspired from the best practices already being used in the market. We deploy this in our retail chain and use our learnings to further iterate.

The end result is a system that has real-time inventory tracking, is extremely easy to use by untrained and illiterate operators and seamlessly integrates with the existing physical flows used by field operators.


Goodant Supply Chain

10 tonnes of stock moved every day. Realtime awareness of stock inventory and movement.

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We power Freshqo using our systems. Freshqo operates retail locations across Ahmedabad and Bangalore.

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Ishan Gopal



Akshaya Acharya

Head of Engineering


Altaf Husen Malek

Head of Operations


Sathish M.

Head of Retail Operations


Wazi Ahemedullah Khan

Head of Warehouse Operations


Prabhansu Gupta

General Manager

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